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  • What kind of finishing product do you use?
    We use a non-toxic, food-safe, VOC-free high quality hardwax oil furniture finish unless otherwise requested. We apply multiple coats of finish to ensure optimal durability and sheen. Easy care & maintenance instructions are included with every order.
  • What kind of woods do you work with?
    We work with a variety of domestic and exotic hardwood species, including but not limited to: Walnut White Oak Maple Cherry Red Oak Sapele Hickory Beech Birch Poplar Ash Purpleheart Wenge Padauk Bloodwood Yellowheart Zebrawood Lacewood (Leopardwood) Canarywood
  • How does Oakford Home give back to the community?
    We are proud to partner with One Tree Planted! A portion of our sales are donated to this organization, which helps plants trees in areas of the world in need, a cause that is dear to our hearts.
  • Who is Oakford Home?
    Oakford Home began in January 2019 as a custom woodworking shop. We are a small, family owned business, located in the Philadelphia suburb of Feasterville-Trevose, PA. While we still like to flex our creative muscles with custom commissions and small artisan original pieces, we have found our niche specializing in solid hardwood floating shelves. All items are handmade, hand finished, and built to stand the test of time.
  • What if I need help deciding on the wood type or stain color?
    Send us a message with a photo of any existing furniture that you are trying to match to! We are happy to make recommendations, and create custom samples for you to help decide.
  • Can I order a shelf with specific visible brackets instead of your hidden mount system?
    We are happy to make shelves without the recessing in the back so that visible brackets can be used instead! Contact us for a custom order. We can also help source brackets based on your style preference if needed.
  • What size shelf should I order?
    If you are unsure of the shelf size that would work best for your space, we recommend starting by considering the size of any items that you plan to display on the shelf. Marking the wall placement with painter's tape to visualize the exact location and size of the shelf can be extremely helpful.
  • How do I install my floating shelf and floating shelf bracket?
    Detailed instructions on how to install your shelf can be found below: If you'd prefer to watch a video guide on installation, please reach out and we will provide more information.
  • What sizing options are available for shelving?
    Direct ordering is available online for shelves with: Length: 12” – 72” Depth: 4” – 15” Thickness: 1.75” - 2" Additional custom sizing is also available upon request, along with stain/paint options, lighting installation etc. Please contact us HERE to request a custom quote.
  • Do you use a single piece of wood for each shelf?
    Whenever possible a single continuous piece of wood is used, however depending on the size multiple pieces may need to be attached to one another. Care will be taken to match the color and grain pattern when this happens. When ordering multiple shelves, we make every effort to create shelves from the same tree for a consistent look.
  • Can I request a stain?
    Yes! When stains are requested, since the final result can vary greatly based on the type of stain and type of wood selected, we always request that samples are ordered first. Our standard double coat of finish is also applied on top of any stain used.
  • What tools will I need to install my shelf?
    Required Tools: Drill Drill bit for drilling a pilot hole Stud Finder Level Measuring Tape Screwdriver (if using drywall anchors) A Pencil or other temporary marking tool Recommended Tools: Painter’s Tape/Duct Tape OR Silicone Adhesive Included with Shelf Kit: Heavy duty steel bracket Screws/Drywall Anchors (for shelves up to 24 inches that may not be able to reach more than one stud) Additional drill bit for screws
  • What would require a custom order?
    Alternative wood types Alternative edge profile options (Ex: Ogee, Classical etc.) Additional hardware installation (ex: Brass rails) Unfinished shelves Stained shelves
  • What special requests can I make in the notes of my online order?
    We can accommodate sizing specified up to ⅛” to fit your space or any built in areas/nooks. Please order the next size up and note the size adjustment in the notes field. Alternative edge profile combinations can also be accommodated. When requesting at least one rounded or chamfered edge, please use that edge profile’s corresponding listing and make note of any adjustments. For example, a rounded front and left side with a straight right side to go against a wall, and/or rounded on the top edge only and straight edge on the bottom, etc.
  • Do you have any additional tips on how to better secure or level my shelf on to the wall brackets provided?
    Option 1: A layer of painter’s tape or duct tape can be wrapped around rods of the bracket. This will make it easier to slide the shelf on and off, while also providing a snugger fit. Option 2: A standard silicone construction adhesive or liquid nails can be used if the shelves are being placed in a permanent location. Simply apply a bead of adhesive to the rods of the bracket prior to sliding the shelf onto the rods. We are always happy to provide additional direct and personalized support to troubleshoot your installation if needed. Our brackets are very easy to install with an estimated installation time of 15 minutes per shelf.
  • How much weight can my shelf support?
    The weight capacity of each shelf is 55-60 lbs. per stud for 1.75”- 2” thick shelves, when using our provided brackets and mounting hardware. Additional thicknesses are available for custom order, and weight capacities will be specified with the order. Please note, the weight of the shelf itself should be factored in to the total weight capacity as well.
  • What is the fee for shipping?
    Unless otherwise noted as part of a custom order, all of our products include free shipping to the 48 contiguous states of the USA. Please contact us directly for options to ship to AK or HI.
  • How long does it take for my shelving order to be shipped and delivered?
    All shelf orders are available for shipping 3-5 weeks after the order has been placed, unless otherwise noted for a custom order. Please feel free to contact us directly if expedited order processing or shipping is needed.
  • Where is my order shipping from?
    All orders handmade by our skilled craftsman and are shipped directly from our workshop located near Philadelphia, PA.
  • How do I care for, clean and maintain my shelf?
    Your shelf has been finished with two coats of Odie's Oil (unless a custom order has been otherwise specified). This product has been chosen for its sheen, protection, VOC-free, and food safe properties. It is very easy to maintain and clean. One of three cleaning options is recommended by the manufacturer: Option 1: Use lightly soapy water (ex: Dawn dish soap), making sure to rinse off all suds and wiping everything dry when done. Option 2: Use a solution that is 1 part vinegar and 10 parts water, wiping with a terry cotton cloth. Option 3: Odie’s Oil makes their own cleaning solution that can be purchased directly on their website. While it shouldn’t be necessary for some time, additional coats of Odie’s Oil may be applied at any time to add sheen and maintain the protective finish on your shelf. The wood will begin to look dry in spots when a new coat is needed. Repairs are also very easy. Since this is a hard wax/oil finish that soaks into and dries within the wood, it doesn't leave a plastic topcoat on top of the wood like a polyurethane or varnish. Because of that, if you ever get a scratch in it, you may just lightly sand the impacted spot and reapply a bit of finish to that location. Please note: While multiple coats of finish were applied to your shelves to help fully seal the wood, like any piece of wood, it is important to not let water or liquids stand or rest on the shelf for an extended period of time, otherwise water spots may develop. Be sure to wipe any puddles or standing water off the shelves if present.
  • How do I fix a scratch in my shelf?
    Unlike a polyurethane or varnish finish that leaves a plastic topcoat on top of the wood, the high quality hardwax/oil finish that is used fully penetrates and dries in to the wood. Because of this, a scratch in the wood can be easily dealt with by lightly sanding the spot and applying a small amount of finish on the affected area only.
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