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How Our Shelves Float

All of our floating shelves come equipped with a heavy duty steel floating shelf bracket, hardware packet, and installation and care instructions. The metal brackets are meant to be installed overtop of your existing drywall, so that installation is fast and simple for those with some tools and DIY ability. It is an estimated 15 minutes per shelf!

Every bracket is designed with mounting holes systematically spaced along the top and bottom edges of the bracket backplate, enabling you to maximize the number of studs that the bracket is attached to with ease.

During installation we highly recommend anchoring at least one point of your shelf bracket into a wall stud. Studs are the vertical supports behind your drywall. The more studs your bracket is anchored to, the more weight your shelf can hold.  See below for more on weight capacities.


Using a bracket sized smaller than your final shelf, the bracket will fit inside a recess in the back of your shelf and will not be visible. If your shelf is equipped with lighting or other customizations that may require additional modifications to your shelf, the bracket may be sized down additionally to the next closest size appropriate for your shelf.

Weight Capacity

The weight capacity is determined by the size of the metal bracket. Please keep in mind that the weight of the wood should also be factored in to this, and the bracket will be sized smaller than the overall shelf dimensions. If customizations such as lighting channels are requested, brackets may also need to be sized down. The chart below indicates the weight capacities of different metal brackets.








Weight Per

Stud Attached

30 lbs.

45 lbs.

55 lbs.

60 lbs.

80 lbs.

Distance Between Mounting Holes






Brackets will typically come with rods in depths of 4”, 6” and 9” and with overall bracket widths in variations of 10”, 16”, 22”, 28”, 34”, 40”, 46”, 58” and 70”.


For custom shelf size orders, we can accommodate different bracket dimensions.

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