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Unveiling Oakford Home: Solid Hardwood Floating Shelves with Character (Yours)

Updated: Jan 29

At Oakford Home, years of thoughtful handcrafting as a custom woodworking shop has manifested itself in to a surprising passion for floating shelving; a world that no one ever expected to find so full of possibilities. Welcome!

Ash Floating Shelf with Rounded Edges, with decor
Ash Floating Shelf with Rounded Edges

If you read nothing else after this, you should  know that our woods are carefully hand selected, our finishing process is VOC-free and food safe, our heavy duty hidden steel brackets are easy to install, our approach is consultative, our customization options are endless, our craftsman is meticulous, and our business is a small family one.

While we might specialize in hardwood floating shelves, we are more than just shelf makers.

We understand that the character of each shelf changes not just based on their size and color (although, if you ask us, thickness has the biggest impact!) but can be based on whether you include any number of tweaks such as lighting channels, colored stains, additional lips, brass railings, live edges etc.

It might go without saying, but while all of our common shelving configurations and premium woods, including walnut, oak, maple, sapele, ash, cherry, and more are always available on our website directly, we create almost as many custom requests for unique tweaks.

We encourage you to reach out, and share a photo of your existing space, if you would like help deciding. Not sure what wood to pick? Not sure what size to order? Include us in the conversation early! Floating shelves can play a focal role in living rooms, bedrooms, kitchens, offices, entryways, staircases…really anywhere that walls exist, even bathrooms!

More Than Just Shelving:

Our blog is an extension of our dedication to enriching your home. Design inspirations, maintenance tips, and innovative ways to incorporate our premium floating wood shelves into your home will be available. At Oakford Home, we believe in empowering our customers with the knowledge to make their living spaces truly theirs. 


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